Workshops and Talks

Jeanne has given workshops and talks to organizations as diverse as the European Square Dance Callers Association and the Ordinands of Birmingham’s Queen’s College. Her audience is anyone who is interested in singing more beautifully, more easily and more expressively.
Mainly she presents her workshops and talks to choirs and singing groups of all levels of expertise.
There are three main workshops that are available now:
“Singing, not Speaking” takes the point that words are the choir singer’s greatest tool and also his or her greatest hindrance and obstacle. This workshop explains the techniques needed to make the most of the texts, singing them clearly, beautifully and with expression.

“The Listening Course” is a workshop designed principally for choir singers, who sometimes have a great problem focusing on – listening to – the context of choir singing outside themselves. The course consists of many and varied exercises for increasing singers’ sensitivity to ensemble, pitch, balance and phrasing. It is also appropriate for beginning singers and soloists, accompanists and chamber musicians.

“Singing in Foreign Languages – Latin, German and English”. This workshop focuses on the techniques used to dispel the mystery of singing in foreign languages and how to pronounce these three languages correctly when singing, and also to sing in these languages beautifully and expressively. The participants learn how the languages are related to each other and how to cope with the differences in pronunciation. French and Italian can also be added to this workshop, if needed.

If you wish to know more about any of these three workshops, contact Jeanne and she will send you a precis, outlining the main technical points, the exercises, the timings so that you can decide if such a workshop would be beneficial to your choir or organization.