Private Teaching

Jeanne began teaching singing privately when she moved to Darmstadt, Germany, from the United States in 1980, after finishing her private study with her teacher, Madeline Sanders. Thirty years later, when she and her husband came to Birmingham in 2010 she moved her studio here, gathering students from around the West Midlands. Nearly forty years of listening to and helping students of all voice types, men and women, has given her a wide and deep insight into all aspects of vocal production.
She also gives coaching in singing in English, Italian, German and French.
Her students include amateur and professional singers of all kinds, from the strictly classical to singers of the musical theatre repertoire.
Jeanne has a great interest in teaching vocal technique for choir singers, and from time to time teaches classes for choir singers concerning practical techniques for getting the most out of the choir experience.
If you would like to talk to Jeanne about singing lessons, please contact her.